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Verlin Hunley 3

           Pictured: Verlin Hunley (Left) & Business Manager Mark McCleskey (Right)

On July 23, 1984 Verlin “Buck” Hunley joined the OPCMIA as a Plaster. Verlin, started his apprenticeship making $1.75 per hour. He received a $.12 raise every six months during his apprenticeship. Verlin finally laid down his Hawk and Trowel for good in 2008. Verlin is married to Norma and they recently celebrated their 70th  Wedding Anniversary on June 26th, 2018. Verlin commented on the accomplishment saying “I was very happy doing plastering work all those years and really enjoyed going to work.” Congratulations to Verlin ” A proud OPCMIA 70 year member.”

Verlin Hunley 1

Pictured: Verlin Hunley (Left), Dave Champ (Middle), Ron Morin (Right)

Verlin Hunley proudly displays his 70 year plaque while Dave Champ is in attendance. Dave Champ is also a proud member of the OPCMIA for 50 years, he was taught by Verlin Hunley when he first entered the union.