Our Mission



OPCMIA 692, once broken into smaller regional locals, is a statewide Union covering all of Indiana and a large portion of Kentucky. It was consolidated into one Statewide Union in June 1992.

The objectives of Local #692 are, by combining the economic power, effort and strength of the constituent Local Areas and coordinating, consolidating and unifying certain of their activities, to enhance, preserve, protect, and improve the working conditions of its members, and more particularly, but without limitation:

To promote the organization of all persons engaged in work within its jurisdiction for their mutual benefit, aid, and protection, through direct organizing activity and by assisting its constituent Local Areas in their organizing activities;

To secure improved wages, fringe benefits, hours, working conditions and other economic advantages for all such workers;

To promote or establish programs to meet the cost of health care, retirement, unemployment and similar needs of all such workers and their families;

To promote the health, welfare, and safety of all such workers and their families;

To promote and develop apprentice programs, training programs, and other means to advance the skills, efficiency and working knowledge of the members of its constituent Local Areas;

To promote and develop the interest of Local #692, its constituent Local Area, and their members, by such means as registration, voting, political education and citizenship activities involving its members and their families;

To promote and develop the trade jurisdiction of Local #692 and its constituent Local Areas;

To promote and foster respect for and compliance with the constitutions of the International Union, this State Local, and its constituent Local Areas, and all of the rules, regulations, policies, practices and lawful orders and decisions adopted and promulgated in the furtherance and administration of the said constitutions;

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